Due to a family health situation, TER has chosen to greatly reduce its herd of quality elk cows. Since 1996 TER has used quality & select A/I bulls to build its breeding herd. Don has not kept up his NAEBA registration the past few years as TER has mainly provided quality shooter bulls to the market. Taylor last bought outside animals and brought them into its herd in 2003. All calves are tagged at birth & we are now purity & DNA testing so every animal will have a NAEBA certification. This process did not start in time to be completely finished by sale day, December 11, 2015. TER will provide a NAEBA certification for all sale animals if the buyer requests. Call if any questions, Don Olson, 507-920-6935

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Perry Olson
fax: 507-831-5861
cell: 507-220-4515
28 Maple St.
Wilder, MN 56101



That Trophy
Bull Elk!

Don & Sharon Olson
fax: 507-831-5861
cell: 507-920-6935
90858 500th Ave
Windom, MN 56101


MN CWD Level 6+
MN TB Accredited 


Rolo placed 3rd for hard antler in the 2015 NAEBA competition.
Rolo scored 506 5/8
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Some cows in the Lolli Brothers Auction were bred to Rolo 797 in the Fall of 2015.